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Coronavirus Part 2: Glutathione seen to stop viral replication

You've had plenty of statistics about this particular virus. So instead of bogging you down with more scary facts that will only increase your anxiety which then in turn suppresses your immune system, I would like to jump right in with an actionable and proactive thing you can do.

In my previous blog about the Coronavirus, I wrote about lung loving herbs that can be extremely beneficial for any viral upper respiratory infection. You've also heard me reference that NAC, N-Acetyl Cysteine, taken at 600 mg 2x/day during the Cold and Flu season has been shown to protect against getting H1N1 or at least helps decrease severity and duration of the illness. Well, guess what? NAC feeds Glutathione production in the body.

So what is Glutathione?

It's a powerful anti-oxidant made in the body that the liver absolutely loves. NAC is a supplement form of the amino acid L-Cysteine. L-Cysteine comes from meat, diary, eggs, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Many of my patient's are vegetarian and probably off eggs and dairy due to food sensitivities. If you eat a Paleo, Keto, or LowFODMAP diet, you're probably off legumes and many nuts and seeds. In other words, we're not getting enough L-Cysteine in our diets. In fact, our NEED for glutathione and so great that our need for L-cysteine is probably beyond what you can get from food anyway. Not to mention we have poor gut health overall. Going back to how NAC ties into glutathione: NAC or L-Cysteine, provides a Sulfur Molecule that is needed to activate glutathione. Basically, in order to use glutathione, you need a sulfur molucule and NAC is the supplement that delivers this missing link.

L-Cystiene -----> NAC (sulfur molecule) -----> non-active glutathione + sulfur-----> ACTIVE GLUTATHIONE

What does Glutathione do:

Studies have shown that gutathione does inhibit viral replication of influenza 1, herpes simplex virus 1, HIV, and H5N1. While the Coronavirus isn't part of the specific studies, one might suggest taking Glutathione as a preventative measure as the benefits 100% outweigh the small possibility that it "wont work."

Glutathione also helps control oxidative stress from our diets and environment, helps in proper DNA synthesis, signals cell death where necessary, improves overall cell immunity, and decreases inflammatory storms in those with autoimmune conditions or high risk individuals.

Guess what!? Viral infections DEPLETE our glutathione stores. Why? Because not only are we probably already depleted BUT Glutathione gets used up during said infections. Soooo....

Let's take us some Glutathione!

(I'm not saying glutathione will prevent or decrease severity of Coronavirus. I'm only suggesting it's possibility)

Naturally you'll be thinking: What form, what dosage, what brand???

Glutathione is actually really difficult to absorb properly in the body so Liposomal forms are best. As for dosage, for the sake of this article I will advise to take as directed on bottles.

Top tip: If you haven't taken glutathione before, start with NAC as it's a nice and gentler introduction to liver detoxing and there's a possibility that if you jump straight to glutathione, you might feel a little detox happening. NAC can be less "provoking".

Contraindications: Pregnancy and Cancer.

Pregnancy because you are increase liver detoxing and while pregnant, you don't want to detox. Cancer patients are most likely on Chemo. Chemo causes cell death and oxidative stress intentionally. Glutathione will protect ALL your cells, including cancer cells, thus competing with Chemo drugs.


Dr. Lexi


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