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Crushing It Without Burnout: A Triathletes Guide to Sustainable Success.

Dr. Lexi takes the audience through a wellness journey that teaches about the importance of fuel, testing, and not facing life’s challenges alone.

She integrates her 15 years of clinical experience with entertaining and riveting stories about what triathlon has taught her along the way.

Be ready to laugh, get inspired, and understand the importance of making your health a priority for sustainable success!



Inspiring and Educating Health Professionals on how to beat burnout.

Many health professionals face burnout without even knowing it. Dr. Lexi describes it as if you are dealing with Seasonal Effective Disorder because it isn’t until someone points out the signs and symptoms, that you might realize, “wow, that describes me!” This presentation sheds light on burnout as well as compassion fatigue but also inspires the audience with actionable steps to move back into their own light. Get ready to be uplifted and empowered to fall back in love with what you do!

Optimize Energy for Peak Performance. (30 min talk)

Dr. Lexi takes the audience through the stages of stress and explains why it’s so important to make your health a priority. This talk offers solutions on how to take care of your body for optimal energy. She will discuss nutrition, the importance of laboratory testing, and how hormones play a role as we age. The audience will walk away with ways to better their health and their life.

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Customized Talks

Dr. Lexi’s presentations can be customized to include any of the following topics below:

Mental Wellbeing

The causes of burnout and steps to prevent it.


Lifting the Brain Fog

The intricate relationship between stress and hormones.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Insomnia: The interplay between stress, hormones, and your environment.

Finding Your North Star: An uplifting team building seminar


3-Part Nutrition Series for Optimal Wellness and Peak Performance:    

Part 1: An Introduction to Whole Foods

Part 2: The Not-so-sweet Truth About Sugar

Part 3: Carbs, Fasting, and Hydration

3-Part Mental Health Series 

 Part 1: The Gut-Brain Connection

Part 2: Finding Your North Start for Depression

Part 3: Tips and Tricks to Managing Anxiety

6-Part Get Your Spark Series

This series can be tailored for business or health professionals.


It is also being offered online as a self-paced course at

This is Dr. Lexi’s signature course that addresses stress-management and wellness

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