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Dr. Lexi provides 30 minute, 1 hour, and 3-5 parts series around the topics of burnout prevention, stress management, and wellness. The focus is on why it's important to make your health a priority without sacrificing productivity. The subject matter can be tailored around general wellness, mental health, hormones, and sleep.

Popular Speaking Topics:

1. Stress, Burnout, and Sustainable Success.

2. Crushing It Without Burnout: A Triathlete's Guide to Sustainable Success

3. Finding Your North Star --> Great for team building and re-igniting their purpose.

4. Wellness Talks on Nutrition, Energy, and Mental Health.

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210 Delburg Dr.

Davidson, NC 28036


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Upcoming Talks


"Stop Fighting and Start Winning the Battle Against Hormones and Sleep."

Live, Virtual Event

Serenity Now Massage


Get Your Spark Back

Advanced Pediatric Therapy

Live, In Person Event


Crushing It Without Burnout: A Triathlete's Guide To Sustainable Success.

Co-CoTiv Coworking

Live, In person


Crusthing It Without Burnout: A Triathlete's Guide to Sustainable Success.

We Work Coworking in Charlotte, NC

Live, In person

Past Events

Atlantic Nauturopathic Conference

Dr. Lexi speaks to Naturopathic Doctors about how to prevent clinician burnout.

Presentation Title: Breakthrough Strategies to Get Unstuck and out of Burnout.

Date: Friday, April 21

Location: Virtual via Zoom

North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Title: Stress, Burnout, and Sustainable Success

Date: Saturday, April 29th

Location: Wilmington, NC

Holistic Lifestyle Expo and Conference

Title: Breakthrough Strategies to Get Unstuck and Out of Burnout.

Date: Wednesday, May 31

Location: Orlando, Florida

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Past Speaking Engagements

From virtual conferences across the globe to local in-person events, Dr. Lexi Lain educates leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals the importance of making your health a priority in order to have sustainable success and achieve your dreams!

Wellness is key to unlocking sustainable success!

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