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I’m Dr. Lexi Lain, a specialist in integrative and functional medicine (Naturopathic Doctor). I help Leaders and Executives struggling with:

  •         Overwhelm

  •         Brain Fog

  •         Fatigue

  •         Insomnia

  •         Anxiety

  •         Depression

  •         Careers ruining your relationships

The goal is to find and understand the underlying cause of your concerns and instead of medicating your symptoms, I provide a proactive, education-based approach that will

  •         EMPOWER You

  •         Give you CONFIDENCE

  •         TEACH YOU on how to be well instead of just telling you, “go eat right and exercise.”

  •         Improve your PRODUCTIVITY

  •         Get your LIFE BACK, Get your SPARK Back

If you want long term results, you must treat the cause. I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Call so that we can

  •         go over your goals

  •         find out what it is you really need

  •         Learn how I can help

  •         See if we’re a great fit for one another.

Call or Text 704-765-0887

, email at admin@summitvitaltiy.com,

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