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Facing the Monsters in Your Mind: A fun poem for Anxiety and Depression. Happy Halloween

In the depths of our minds, they may reside,

Anxiety, doubt, and fear, they try to hide.

But we, the heroes of our own tale,

Can conquer these monsters, we shall not fail.

On this Halloween night, let's make a decree,

To face these demons and set our minds free.

Step boldly outside, under the moon's soft glow,

And breathe in the strength that within us does flow.

With affirmations like stars, we'll light up the sky,

"I am powerful, I will reach new highs."

For in this moment, we take back control,

Our dreams and ambitions, we'll nourish and cajole.

No more shall we cower, in shadows we tread,

For we are the authors of our life's thread.

In the realm of the mind, we stand tall and grand,

With courage as our weapon, we'll reclaim the land.

So, face the monsters, no need for dismay,

With valor and hope, they'll all fade away.

In the story of life, be the hero, the lead,

For you hold the power to fulfill every need.

A playful poem by chatGPT, inspired by Dr. Lexi Lain

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