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"Why Do People Struggle to Make Healthier Choices? Exploring 3 Key Barriers to Change"

Many find themselves stuck in the same spot despite the burning desire for change. We embark on weight loss programs, purchase self-help books, yet most don't see it through. I've spent my adult life navigating barriers, and it wasn't until becoming a triathlete that are trully began to see my breakthroughs.

Community, friendship, and shared goals fueled my transformation. The camaraderie pushed me beyond limits, propelling a five-year journey of shedding baggage and pursuing dreams. Starting anew isn't hard; it's sustaining change amidst life's challenges that defines success. Sometime life will throw you curve balls to see what you're really made of. And guess what?

You're are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. - A.A. Milne

Are you embracing change or falling back into old habits? The battle lies in unraveling these internal barriers:

  1. Holding on to something that is no longer serving you.

    1. Choosing comfort. When things get tough or uncomfortable, we'll tend to slip back into whats comfortable and familiar. A behavoir you are trying to change may be a coping mechanism for stress.

    2. Fear of the Unknown: Change requires courage to face the unknown and a willingness to explore new things.

    3. Control: Releasing control challenges our sense of security.

    4. Generational Patterns: breaking familial cycles or patterns requires strength.

    5. Embracing a new normal. There may be parts of you that you need to let go of in order to full integrate new habits and changes into your life.

  2. Limiting Belief:

    1. Lack of Confidence. Believing you can do something is sometimes half the battle because many people experience the loss of confidence at a young age.

    2. Safety in Unattractiveness. Some people who experience trauma in their lives will carry extra weight for control or for a sense of safety.

    3. Lack of Self Worth. Do you tell yourself that you deserve to be healthy, happy, and rich? Do you think you are worth it? Solution: Becomeing aware of your limiting beliefs is the first step. You may even expolore what you are holding on to that's "prooving" that limiting belief. Meaning, if you believe something about yourself, you may hold on to an old habit to proove that the belief is true. If you believe you don't deserve to be healthy or happy, then you will hold on to daily activities that bring down your self worth. Make sense?

  3. Knowledge Gap: 

    1. Misinformation. We are all unique and not all that you learn on social media, podcasts, or youtube will fit your circumstances. Some information is flat out incorrect. Whatever you are being taught or exploring, make sure that it resonates with who you are, what your goals are, and even your health circumstances. Not every diet, for example, is the right "diet" for you.

    2. Lack of How to Implement. You're getting all this great advice but you are not taught how to implement your new knowledge into actionable steps.

*Pearl: If you want to make a change that sticks, you must unravel your beliefs and actions to level up to the change you desire.

*Pearl: Stop trying to make life changes alone. I have a community and friends who support me in my traithlon training, book writing, and other business goals. I surround myself with people who are interested in leveling up their own lives. Find a community of like-minded people for the person you desire to become.

To break these chains, elevate self-awareness. Understand what holds you back, and embark on the journey of unraveling internal barriers. The road to change can be challenging at time, but the results are worth it!

The task of breaking a habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like clutivating a delicate flower one day at a time. - James Clear, Atomic Habits

You got this!

If you'ld like to explore your barriers further and get support in busting through your limiting beliefs, please schedule a Discovery Call today! Click the link below:


Dr. Lexi

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