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Holistic Recipe to Peak Energy and Performance

Do you ever wonder where your energy goes? Is it just age or is it something else? You may even be afraid that you might not ever feel like yourself again. Some people can also see how their lack of energy impacts their relationships at home but also at work. What if there were simple changes you could be making daily that could have a huge impact on your energy?

If you had more energy, how would that change your productivity or how you behaved around your family? Having more energy can change your life!

Here is a simple recipe you can start following everyday to boost your energy and performance!

Bon appetite’!


16 oz water bottle

A cellphone

½ cup of nuts and seeds

2 Clementines

30 minutes

When you wake up, start your day with a glass of room temperature water. Then set 5 minutes on your cell phone. Take this time to write 10 things you are grateful for.

Take your 16-ounce water bottle and drink 2 of these before lunch.

In between meetings- schedule a 5 minute brain break where you shut your eyes. You may use your cell phone to literally set a timer. You may also decrease this to 3 minutes.

Have a lunch rich in vegetables and low on bread or wheat. Go for a 10-minute walk outside after lunch to help with digestion and stress. Getting outdoors in the fresh air is so good for your well-being.

Drink two more 16-ounce water bottles in the afternoon.

3:00- 4:00 pm CRASH: Have your 2 Clementines + half of your nuts and seeds. Set another timer on your phone for another 3–5-minute brain break. Shut your eyes and rest. I promise, this will be so rejuvenating and recharging for you to finish up the final 2 hours of work.

Before bed, set your final 5-minute timer on your phone. Celebrate what you accomplished today and take a moment for gratitude.

Starting your day off with gratitude and ending your day with a positive mindset can shift your mindset completely. Allowing yourself a few brain breaks during the day will actually recharge your mind and your productivity will exponentially increase. These brain breaks can also serve to help you see a solution more clearly. Have the little snack during the common afternoon crash helps boost your blood sugar and fuels your mind to keep pushing through those final hours.

You will see a huge difference with this daily energy recipe for boosting productivity!

Want to learn more ways to improve your energy?

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