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Your Health Blueprint might be why it's so hard to change your habits.

Why is it so hard to change our eating and exercise habits?

You've finally gotten to the place where you're saying enough is enough regarding your health. You declare that this is the day you're cleaning out the fridge and making some changes. You pick the hottest diet plan, pencil in your workouts, and you even buy the latest and greatest workout gear. Monday morning arrives and you began.

Things are going great and maybe you stick with the plan for a month! But then things plateau, get hard, or something happens to derail you. You get out of sync and fall right back into your "normal."

What is that "normal" and when did it become that way? When in your life did the "normal" get established? Is your health "just the way it is" or is there something you can really do about it?

I have been studying beliefs and habits around money and where we place our limitations. I recently stumbled on the idea of your "money blueprint." As I began to have my own breakthroughs in understanding my own beliefs, I began to see the health patterns as well.

Could the concept of your "money blueprint" also apply to your "health blueprint"? If so, is this why you revert back to old habits or your "normal?"

Let's take a closure look:

Genetic Blueprint:

Issues within our DNA can certainly cause a number of conditions, like Down's Syndrome, "Familial Hypertension," or more severe developmental disorders. In more mild and less obvious cases, people can have small mutations in their DNA that cause issues with how they utilize nutrients and medications. Despite the genetic cards we may be dealt, if you are able to be independent and take care of yourself, how you choose to play those cards can determine a person's overall well-being.

I've seen people who struggle with chronic diseases and handicaps rise above their limitations and use it to inspire others to be their best selves.

Are you someone with a mild genetic blueprint that impacts your health and you're letting it dictate your well-being and lifestyle choices?

Social Blueprint

Who we choose to hang around and the lifestyle of our friends is usually a reflection of our own health and well-being. Are you in social circles that sit on the couch and binge watch a