10 Days to Ignite Your Spark

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Take Back Control of your Health and Your Life!

​​Here's what it is and what it isn't.


  • No. You won't be doing a juice fast, water cleanse, or starving yourself.

  • YES. You will be deciding on what food or foods you would like to remove. It's a "Build Your Own" journey.

  • No. You won't be given a bunch of supplements. In fact, these next 10 days are all about you focusing on food as medicine and removing something that is preventing you from being your best self.

  • YES. you will see improvements in your overall well-being. How much improvement depends on you!

This might even be an opportunity to explore a food you suspect is a problem. How your 10 Day journey will look is entirely up to you. I've designed it to be a "build it" as your own; meaning, no matter your background, you get to decide what you want to remove but also what you are going to add in. This can be something for personal development or improvements in your lifestyle.


Whatever your goals are, the next 10 days are there to:

  • Ignite the fire within you

  • Take back control in your health

  • Start transforming your life!

Your Agenda

Day 1: Welcome and Let's Get Started

Day 2: Honey, Clean Out Your Fridge

Day 3: Dealing with Withdrawal

Day 4: Let's Get Moving

Day 5: Cooking in Bulk, Recipes, and  more

Day 6: Starting Your Day With a WIN

Day 7: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

Day 8: The Power of the Breath. Meditation.

Day 9: An introduction to the Gut-Brain Connection

Day 10: Let's Celebrate and KEEP GOING!