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Your life and your health are up to you. It starts with a decision.

Dr. Lexi Lain

Hi, I'm Dr. Lexi

Founder of Summit Vitality

This is my Story

I always knew I wanted to help people within the health industry. My first semester of college I got sick with mono. Unfortunately I always tested negative and was given Penicillin which led to an adverse drug reaction. A very long story short is that this is why I became a Naturopathic Doctor. Fast forward to the peak of my private practice. My business was doing great but I didn't plan for that success. I found myself sitting all day long, overwhelmed, overworked, and burning out.

I made a decision to change.

My first change was to start taking exercise seriously and not long after I became a triathlete. The next change was getting control of my schedule. The final change didn't happen until the pandemic where instead of seeing doom, I saw opportunity to grow personally and in business. It gave me time to reflect on how I wanted to help people in a more impactful way.

I discovered that we all have a purpose. How can we come forth with our best if we are unwell and dis-eased. We can't lead if we haven't slept or if we're dealing with a constant headache.

When you're sitting at a crossroad and asking yourself "what's next?", I want to be there to guide you through that process and help you design your next journey. I want to teach you how to take care of yourself along the way because that's what I did to pull myself out of a really tough spot. The truth is, I have an amazing community of people to help me. I want to be that for you.

Everyone has a story to tell. Making you the hero of YOUR story is part of my purpose. Teaching you the daily practices for well-being is part of my mission.


MAKING HEALTHY LEADERS brick by brick and it starts with YOU.

Stop asking me what you should be taking for something. Instead, ask me what you should be DOING. -DrLexi

You are the leader of your well-being and your life. What actions do you want to take?

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What People are Saying

"she listens"

"If plan A doesn't work, she always has a plan B and C"

"Thank you so much, you have helped more than you realize." - Diana

"Thank you so much Dr. Lexi for such inspiring words.  You're so right, It's time to take care of ME." - Mary