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Bart's Story: Psoriasis, adverse drug reaction, and how food is medicine.

A man came in to the office: desperate, itchy, but with an openness and willingness to try anything. I've seen some pretty bad skin cases and I remember Bart asking me if this was his worse case scenario. I told him he was in my top 5 but if he loses all his nails, he would be runner up for top 3. I had him taking anti-inflammatory herbs and micro-nutrients but I think the biggest piece to his healing by far was food. Here is his story:

My story started after a week long trip out of the country at the end of February/19. We went swimming in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Acapulco as was discouraged by all of the travel guides. After the trip I had questions about a serious rash on my left thigh and wondered if I was infected by an unknown waterborne ailment that may have been suspect.
I went to the man assigned to me by our healthcare system, who prescribed a round of steroids while claiming their prowess. After finding welts on my hands and feet four days later, I knew that it was time to elevate my issue to the recognized authority (dermatologist) that is supposed to answer the big skin questions. I was in real trouble now it is mid-March and I have red blotches over my entire body as well as my hands and feet. My hands and feet are very sore, swelling, and peeling uncontrollably.