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Be your best through the Holidays

The holidays are at our doorstep and parties, activities, and final "2019 to-do lists" are crowding our calendars. We know it's a busy time of year and yet we're still scrambling to meet deadlines, prepare for holiday guests, and shop! It's no wonder we find ourselves 10-15 lbs heavier and sick. Sugary foods suppress our immune system but the running ourselves ragged is running our immunity to the ground, too.

Here are some tips to think about as we enter the final months of 2019.

Don't say "yes" to everything.

This is a tough one for "yes" people, but we are only one person with so many hours in the day. It's absolutely impossible to do everything. Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is this activity mandatory?

2. Is this activity going to bring value to family time or in building your business?

3. Is this activity crucial for your personal well being?

Continue to take care of yourself even though it's gotten cold and dark outside.

Ok, so it started with the Halloween Candy and has now moved into fall baked goods, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas parties. Not to mention, the weather is changing and you're so busy that exercise has been placed on the back burner. Consider the following

1. Eat your Halloween candy but whatever is left over, donate it.

2. Be really clean up to Thanksgiving and enjoy those wonderful traditional dishes.

3. Sign up for the Turkey Trot, Santa Run, etc to hold yourself accountable. Bring the family out as these are all family friendly run/walks AND it gets everyone out in the community in a healthy way.

4. Don't forget to take your baseline supplements and maybe consider adrenal support to get you through the stressful end of year push.

Plan ahead!

Don't be the last minute Thanksgiving and Christmas shopper. All this will do is raise your blood pressure and stress you out. It will strip you of the joy of actually taking the time out to think of each person you love and care about. Who knows, you might even spend less and actually get better gifts. ; )

If you plan ahead, you'll also be less likely to over commit yourself because you'll already have those top priority activities on the calendar.

Dr. Lexi

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