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Dr. Lexi's Immune boosting, Anti-viral Protocol

While these recommendations may not be FDA approved or clinically tested to prove that they are effective against the Coronavirus 2019, I'm offering some tools and top tips that have been useful with viruses in the past. I hope this can offer you and your family something to proactively be doing in order to strengthen your own defenses. The body knows what to do, we just need to support it along the way.

Immune boosting/modulating Protocol


Exercise, eliminate all food sensitivities and allergens, get good rest, surround yourself with positivity, and do the things you NEED to do to be your best self.

1. The essential building blocks (minerals and vitamins)

- Eating a mostly plant based diet

- Eating colorful foods

- Multivitamin-mineral

2. Probiotics

- just make sure it’s in a dark, glass container to protect from light and temperature or using a company you already know and trust where they have stable species. Some probiotics don’t have to be refrigerated.

3. Vitamin C

Kids: 500 mg a day Adults: 1,000 mg a day

*Top tip: I like getting a Vitamin C with BioFlavanoids