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From Exhausted to Energized … Naturally!

You know the routine...

You get up in the morning, feed the kids and/or grab a quick breakfast for yourself as you run out the door to go to work. You jump in your car, drop the kids off at school, stop at your favorite coffee shop for a “wake up energy boost”, and drive to work or back home (if you are a stay at home/work from home Mom or Dad) thinking about everything you have to get done in your day. The list seems endless but you are up for the challenge. After all, you don’t really have a choice because it’s all got to get done, right?

Every morning you push through with coffee and before you know it, the caffeine has worn off and you are starting to feel tired already and it’s only 10AM! Perhaps your head is feeling kind of foggy. Another coffee or tea will help push you through to lunch time. Right? Come 2PM the carbs in that sandwich you had for lunch start to do their thing … the dreaded food coma begins! Holy cow here comes the energy crash!

You push on as best you can, finish your day’s work, pick up the kids, make dinner, help them with their homework, get them to bed, clean up, and now finally you have some time to yourself… but you are completely exhausted and too tired to do anything! Some families still have more work to do or have to take their kids to an after school practice or game. Some of you are able to sit and turn on the TV to zone out with a glass of wine or a cup of tea for a few minutes until you feel yourself drifting off to slumber land. You finally decide to go to bed and as you put your head on the pillow you think …OMG! ... Tomorrow is going to be exactly the same!

Sadly, for many people, you are right. Tomorrow will be exactly the same, and the day after, and the day after that … unless you change something!

The great news is that there are some very simple, effective, and enjoyable changes you can make to your lifestyle that will not only boost your energy, but will also improve your mood, your attitude, and your ability to get more done without exhaustion.

Over the years as a Naturopathic Doctor I’ve helped many people transition from exhaustion to energetic healthy lifestyles … many of their stories are truly inspiring.

The key, in my opinion, is to take baby steps then gradually incorporate more healthy habits into your life. Be sure to take a moment to notice and actually enjoy experiencing your increase in energy.

If you are ready for more energy naturally here are five easy changes I want you to make this week:

  1. Start your day positive! Instead of falling out of bed and dragging yourself to the shower… try jumping out of bed enthusiastically when the alarm goes off and tell yourself “It’s going to be a fantastic day” (It might sound silly I know, but just try it for the next 7 days!) If that’s too cheesy, try reading a positive affirmation or motivational quote BEFORE starting your day.

  2. Contrast Hydro Hot Shower / Cold Shower / Hot Shower / Cold Shower … if you can’t handle a full cold shower yet … take the shower head and give your feet a cold shower and gradually work your way to the rest of your body.

  3. Hydrate Drink water first! I know many of you want to get to your coffee ASAP and I’m not going to ask you to quit the coffee (although you know you should!) Have a glass of water first thing and if you must have your caffeine try tea instead. But either way start your day with water. Keep water on your desk or in front of you all day… you will feel the difference!

  4. Start with Protein Get your metabolism going with a protein boost. If you like coffee, try Bullet Coffee. It’s rich in healthy fats, protein, and you still get your caffeine.

  5. Bullet Coffee: Blend the following ingredients until frothy 2 Cups freshly brewed Coffee 2 tablespoons Ghee (casein free butter) tablespoon MCT Oil **(if you have never had this, you may want to start with 1 tsp) Optional additions: Fresh Nutmeg, Cinnamon, 100% cocoa powder, Maple syrup Check this recipe out to read more on Bullet Coffee:

  6. Take a hike... ...actually take two! It doesn’t have to be the whole Appalachian Trail! Try a nice brisk 10 minute walk at lunch time (after your chicken salad, skip the grains!) and another in the evening. Heck, take the whole family because they will all benefit, too. For the parents taking their kids to after school activities: use this time as an opportunity to get moving.

Are you game? Try it for 7 days and let me know how you feel.

You can do this!

If I can help in any way or if you feel your energy loss is due to other health concerns please call the clinic and let’s schedule an appointment to get to the cause of your symptoms. For those that may already be a patient- maybe you need a check in to get you back on track.

Dr. Lexi Lain

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