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Get Cozy and Active with TikToker's Favorite Cardio Routine

There are two types of workout personalities: those who thrive on maximum effort and those who thrive on a more nurturing approach. There are health benefits to both, so whatever side you lean towards, do what feels good to you.

           “It is far better to get up and move than it is to be stagnant and die. Afterall, movement IS life.” - Dr. Lexi

           Imagine yourself deciding that today is the day! You’re going to get up off the couch or step away from your desk and go workout. It’s been months, maybe even years since you’ve been to the gym, but you’re ready to work hard. Once you step foot inside, you bee line it to what you “used” to do and what’s familiar to you. That’s either the weight room where you look around and then pick up the heaviest weight you can handle, or it’s off to the elliptical machine for some good ‘ol cardio. Whatever you decide, you more than likely will push yourself a little too hard.

           We call this “overtraining.”

           Overtraining is very easy to do especially when you’re going from zero to “back-to-what-I-used-to-do” capacity. Your heart rate stays too high and muscles you haven’t used in a long while start to scream at you the next day. For many, this can be discouraging because the mind gets stuck in the comparison game of where you once were. Oftentimes this causes people to quit and revert to what is comfortable and easy…back to the couch.

           The other scenario is the person who feels like they “should” be going to the gym, that they “should” be able to run 3 miles, and that they “should” be able to train just as hard as the old granny next to them. The mindset of “I should” and “comparing” yourself to where others are is another discouraging place to be. The result is the same: reverting back to what is comfortable and easy.

           Then, TikToker Hope Zuckerbrow goes and makes “cozy cardio” a thing!


The concept is this:

  •  Workout at home.

  •  Do something that’s low impact.

  •  Wear comfortable clothes. Heck, workout in your #christmaspajamas.

  •  Turn on dim, comfortable lighting.

  •  Watch your favorite show or listen to tunes that you like.

  •  Get the diffuser out and diffuse some essential oils.


Here’s why I love this:

           If you are getting up off the couch and stepping away from your desk to do something healthy for YOU, then I celebrate that 100%! I don’t care what it is so long as it makes you feel healthier and happier.

Cozy Cardio is a wonderful way to ease yourself back into exercise, keeping your heart rate in those weight loss zones, and preventing overtraining.

What will naturally happen is that those who prefer the tougher workouts will begin to push harder in their cozy cardio setting. Those that prefer a more nurturing approach might start doing cardio yoga, pilates, or barre class.

If you are enjoying your workout, feeling good about yourself afterwards, and walking away feeling glad that you did it…then you are on the right track!


String up some lights, diffuse your favorite aroma, and just start moving!

Dr. Lexi

©2024. Dr. Lexi Lain and Summit Vitality.

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