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Nootropcis: Get Focused After Being on Vaction.

Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is like putting your hand into cold water; it can be a shock to the system, especially if you haven’t looked at your email for a while. If you haven’t allowed yourself enough downtime away from the desk, you may even feel a sense of dread or anxiety instead of feeling recharged and ready to go. Regardless, that first week back in the office may feel somewhat like your body is present but your brain is still in bed.

One of the beautiful things about caffeine is that it can make you feel more alert and focused. In fact, caffeine is what makes coffee and green or black tea a classification of herbs called, nootropics.

What is a nootropic and how do they work?

The term "nootropic" describes a group of herbs that help you focus, have mental clarity, and improved memory. Like caffeine, these herbs dilate your blood vessels and increase blood flow to your brain, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. Many of the herbs also act as a stimulant by increasing chemicals, like cortisol, in the body that help us to think, perform, and act faster. This is great when you are feeling sluggish and having a hard time focusing on work. Some nootropic herbs help your body to manage stress by also being an “adaptogen”, which means they help to support the overstimulated adrenals which are commonly weakened in adults of modern society. Other nootropics help to support dopamine which is key for feeling motivated, excited, and ready to achieve.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?!

Well, here’s the thing: this classification of herbs are in the “less is more” category.

That means, if you take too much, you could get overstimulated, like drinking too much coffee, or you could drain yourself even more.

Not all the herbs behave this way, but I would like to offer some top tips.

1.      Take your nootropics in the late morning and early afternoon.

This will prevent the energy crash many experience by keeping your adrenals supported. *No later than 3:00 pm unless you have a deadline and need to work after hours.

2.       Take them with a little food.

3.      Less is more.

4.      Don’t use this as a standalone intervention.

Remember, your brain needs fuel and oxygen to function. So, exercise and having stabilized blood sugar are key elements for keeping your brain healthy.

 What herbs are nootropics?

Ginkgo biloba


Bacopa monnieri

Rhodiola rosea

Mucuna pruriens


Gotu Kola

Common nutrients that provide a nootropic effect:



Phosphatidyl Serine



When you are struggling to stay focused at work, explore using some of the herbs mentioned above to not only improve your executive thinking but to also nurture your adrenals, which need support when you are super stressed.

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Dr. Lexi

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