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3 Ways to Master Your Calendar and Make Time for YOU

If you're burning out from your job and a "constantly on the go" lifestyle, then you're probably starting each day already feeling drained. You're probably feeling overwhelmed, like you can never quite catch up on anything, and there's never any time for you.

What if you woke up each morning, already knowing what you need to accomplish for that day, you've scheduled in your favorite workout, and there's even "me-time" on the calendar? How would that impact your outlook on the day ahead? How would that shift burnout?

When you have more control over your calendar, you'll be able to schedule in time for your needs, wants, and desires. When you start scheduling in time for YOU, you'll feel more refreshed and energized.

I sat down with one of my clients recently to discuss her calendar. I was helping her schedule her weeks with intention based on her needs, wants, and desire. As she was walking me through her process, she first opened her calendar to the month. She will start by blocking out family events and other important events she couldn't miss. She would then go to her weekly view and start blocking out the regular weekly meetings. Never did she block out any time for exercise, fun, downtime, or time for herself. One thing she did do right was block out family events first. Why? Because that's her number 1 priority. But, she has put all the things she needs for her health and well-being last. In fact, it didn't make it on the calendar at all.

Here's what I suggested:

1. Identify the most important things in your life? In this case, it's my client's family. For other's it might be church or something else.

2. Identify the top 3 things you personally need for your health and well-being. I need down days and I love my triathlon training. I also love finding live music.

3. Schedule 1 and 2 in your calendar FIRST before adding everything else in.

If you're loving this concept, I invite you to take a deeper dive into life. Check out my Free 5 Day Self Awareness Journey. Each day you will be given a task to implement to help you identify what is right in your life and where your energy is going. Self Awareness is the first step in making some positive changes in your life.

Happy scheduling and being the master of your time!


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