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Celebrate Your Wins to Achieve Your Goals

How many times have you set a goal and felt like you didn’t achieve it? How did that make you feel? Did it motivate and inspire you to try a new goal?

Let’s look at this from a different angle. What are your top three achievements so far in your life? Can you remember how you felt at that moment? As you remember back to that time, how does that make you feel about setting new goals?

New Year’s Resolutions and “New Year, New You” messages can excite some people and annoy or discourage others. A top reason for hating new year’s resolutions is that most people feel like they “failed.” Did they really fail or did their success turn out how they least expected?

For example, I set out to finish my book in the fall of 2022. As I walk into 2023, the book isn’t finished. Many would see this as a fail, but let’s look closer. I realized that I was dealing with writer’s block. Instead of giving up, I decided to attend a book writers course to learn ideas on how to overcome writer’s block. Then, I got a book writing accountability partner where we set a small goal each day. While my “New Year’s Goal of 2022” was to write, finish, and publish my book, I succeeded in not giving up despite writer’s block. I succeeded in identifying a roadblock, reaching out for resources, and acting on what I learned.

When you reflect on the previous year through the lens of accomplishments or how you overcame adversity, I know you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

For the goal oriented, go getter: this will help you feel satisfied and force you to pat yourself on the back.

For those who lack confidence in their goal setting: this will help you to realize that you have achieved more than you think and that you are more capable than you believe.

Celebrating and acknowledging your wins:

  • Makes you feel good.

  • Motivates you.

  • Is inspiring.

  • Boosts Confidence.

  • Increases endorphins in the brain that give you fulfillment and joy.

  • Confirms the belief that you have accomplished something

  • Reinforces a behavior you want to show up when things get hard.

So, instead of jumping straight into goal setting or rejecting the whole idea of a “new year, new you” idea, try starting by identifying your top 3 accomplishments of last year and celebrate that.


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