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Dr. Lexi's Journey

I got sick and was prescribed a medication, had an adverse reaction that put me into Steven Johnson’s Syndrome, and my mother found me an angel in the form of an old German man who provided what one might consider the quantum physics of medicine. I was better in 2 weeks and I said, "whatever that was, I'm going to do that!" Of course, I didn't learn about creating a homeopathic nosode in school and the techniques this man offered were very much in the realm of energetic medicine that we didn't learn; but ultimately, that was the pivotal moment when I started to look into alternative fields of medicine which then led me to Bastyr University.

If you aren't familiar with Steven Johnson's Syndrome, it's basically a severe reaction to a medication that affects the skin and mucous membranes. Yep, I had blisters all over my body, inside and out. I was definitely date material...not! No, I was one sick girl but was willing to do anything to get better. I think it was a combination of the following:

A page out of my journal from college, 2002
  1. A strong desire to be well. I never once said, "I am sick." I actually called it, "The Sickness." There are many people who get so entwined with a disease or a set of symptoms that it becomes who they are. Of course there are circumstances where this is 100% understandable but many times, there is the role of victim and self loathing that occurs which inhibits someone from getting well. It's almost like there's an energetic resistance to treatment. For me, I was opened.

  2. Compliance to the treatment. It's one thing to be opened and have that strong desire to be well and its another to have the appropriate treatment that will work and to stick with it. Because I was being treated in the realm of energetic medicine, I was instructed to go home, sit under this light, don't touch electronics, which included cellphones and computers. Imagine telling a 17/18 year old teenager who has just started college and was busy in sorority life to NOT touch their cellphone. You're probably thinking,"yeah, right! That's not happening." Well...when you are as sick as I was combined with the strong desire to be well, I went home, rested, and didn't touch anything electronic for 2 weeks.

  3. Extremely clean eating Remember, I had Steven Johnson's Syndrome so blisters were inside my mouth. This was the biggest motivator to really only drinking fluids, juices, and basically fasting. So, I wasn't loading up on sugary, processed, and inflammatory foods. In fact, my favorite thing to eat at the time was a basic mashed potato.

  4. Support My mother was the biggest supporter. When push comes to shove, you need people who will nurture you and support your healing process. Don't surround yourself with energy drains, they will only deplete you.

That was the last time I have taken any pharmaceutical. I have had the flu, bronchitis, and other various goopidity goops that I am proud to say I've treated 100% naturopathically. The body is amazing, the herbs are just as amazing, and the god within us, that innate ability to heal, really does work if you give it the right tools.

I have quite a few patients with adverse drug reactions. They are real symptoms and sometimes patients don't feel heard or supported. Iatrogenic means to be harmed by medical interventions. This is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.! Know that you are not alone and if you suspect an adverse drug reaction, please contact your prescribing doctor immediately. Keep in mind, you might get the advice to keep taking it; which was me and others I speak of. If you suspect an adverse drug reaction and you were instructed to keep taking the medication, get a second opinion, listen to your gut, and maybe seek alternatives.

That leaves me with why I love what I'm doing.

I get to provide not only a space for listening but I get to offer the alternatives that people are so desperately seeking. It's a privilege and a gift to have gone through the experiences and education Bastyr University had to offer. Naturopathic Medicine has it's challenges, one of them being that I'm practicing in a state that doesn't recognize my education. It also isn't a good fit for everyone; but, it's an exciting field to be part of and one hell of an alternative in medicine to offer my patients.

For those wondering: I did in fact have Mono but was apart of the small percentage of people who test negative with the Rapid Mono Spot test they normally do in office. Always ask for a blood test and run antibodies if you suspect you have this but were still negative. I was then prescribed a very large dose of Penicillin, which is contraindicated for those who have mono.

Dr. Lexi

Disclaimer: This article is my story and is not intended to advise you to discontinue your medication. If you are suspecting any adverse reactions, please contact your prescribing doctor.

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