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Homeopathic Remedies for Adults and Children

Before reaching for a homeopathic remedy, one must first understand what a homeopathic remedy is. They are basically plants, minerals, metals, microbes, or even venom from animals that go through a series of extreme dilutions to the point that the only thing left is water and the “energetic properties” of that substance. The philosophy is that you match the homeopathic remedy to the state of being that would match the remedies’ presentation. An example would be a bee sting. You would give the homeopathic Apis which is bee venom to help soothe and heal the bee sting site. Think of it like anti-venom for a snake a way. Each remedy has it’s own descriptions and states of being and you do your best to choose the right one for the patient. For many people, including some practitioners, homeopathy can be very difficult to “believe” in or trust but I can assure that with my own story and seeing how it works in other patients, there is something to this form medicine.

When pairing a remedy to the correct circumstance (Like curing Like), homeopathy can work beautifully. But by simply saying, “Oh, I have a fever so I should take this remedy” isn’t the way of thinking about homeopathy. People with fevers can have different presentations. For example, someone might have a high fever with a sudden onset which makes them really grouchy and restless. Others might have a fever that’s not so high but they’re really fatigued. This is precisely why it’s so difficult to research in double and double placebo circumstances. That being said, there have been studies successfully done in this way which is very exciting. Also, what makes homeopathy difficult is finding the one remedy that fits the case.

Luckily, “modern” homeopathic remedies come with blends or combinations of a few remedies. When these combinations work, it’s usually working because one of the remedies in the formula is the one that’s helping.

One final note: Nosodes are also used in infectious disease and vaccine related diseases. An example is Influenzinum with is the homeopathic for the Flu virus. I have given the nosode of MRSA with much success.

Combinations to consider on the market:

  • Oscillococcinum- Really great remedy for the flu, body aches, high fever, and chills.

  • Muco occilinum – Great for colds and flus. This actually contains a few Nosodes.

  • Drainage Tone by Energetix: head congestion, sinus congestion, stuck mucous, swollen glands

I would combine Drainage Tone with Lymph Tone III for muscle aches and pains, joint pain, sleep issues or Lymph Tone II By Energetix for fatigue, wandering pain, swollen glands