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Suicide Prevention: How You Can Help

A high school student died from suicide this week. To the family, friends, the high school, and the community that's being impacted by this tragic loss.... me condolences and I wish you peace and healing.

Veterans, under-served communities, overworked and burdened adults, to teens....we are all impacted by suicide either directly or indirectly.

I wanted to share some tips that I learned from Davidson Lifeline and tools that I've picked up along the way through clinical experience. Hopefully this can help everyone know what to do in a concerning situation where you suspect someone is struggling and your heart is telling you to do something.

Instead of CPR, Davidson Lifeline calls it QPR. For more information please check out this link:

In summary, QPR stands for question, persuade, and refer.


If someone seems like they are isolating more than usual, drinking more, seeming more in despair ASK THEM if they are ok. ASK THEM if they are struggling with suicidal thoughts?

The more clear and non-judgemental the question, the better.


If they are talking to you, consider silencing your phone and eliminating distraction because you may be the only person who has asked, noticed, or is trying to help.

Almost always, they want to be aske