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How will listening to your heart change your life?

If you're anything like me, I've been told I overthink and overanalyze everything.

"Stop second guessing yourself", they say.

Recently I've been choosing my heart to take the lead. I'm finding that as I do that, all the fears, uncertainty, and doubt began to dwindle and quiet down.

Our brains are amazing at keeping us safe, calculating danger at every turn. The brain is also great at creativity, dreaming, and figuring out how to make something possible.

The heart is the "what" and the "why." What am going to do in my life? What kind of impact do I want to make? Why is this important to me? The heart is passion, its love, and the beat keeping us ALIVE.

The brain then takes that passion and burning desire and then provides the creative, very possible, "HOW."

The two must work in tandem but let your heart take the lead. If you let your mind run the show, you might run the risk of living life in fear because the brain is designed for survival first.

The heart might say, "leave that dead end job or that abusive relationship." The brain would say, "but I'm afraid, it's safer here even though it might not be ideal...."

The heart might say, "I really love doing ...." The brain might say, "but you can't live off that or that's not possible."

The heart might say, "I really want to be healthier and lose this weight." The brain then says, "SUGAR! Yummy, SUGAR!"

Does this resonate with you?

For today, if you acted from your heart, from a place of love and compassion, what would you do differently? Does your day change for the better?

My heart says, "Yes! Yes it will."

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